The Tomoh Masaki Award

The inaugural biannial Tomoh Masaki Award was established in 2011 at first presented at the Twelfth International Conference on Endothelin in Cambridge, UK, to honor the scientific achievements of the Japanese physician-scientist Professor Tomoh Masaki, MD PhD (1934-2020), a pioneer in biomedical research, who was involved in the discovery of endothelin, contractile proteins, and endothelial receptors. Professor Masaki is most noted for cloning and identifying the gene and peptide sequences of endothelins and the ETB receptor. Most of the discoveries relating to endothelin were made at the University of Tsukuba, Japan. The award consists of a hand-made award plaque (shown above) featuring the endothelin peptide structure and an artistic impression of Dr. Masaki. The award recipient is selected based on his/her achievements and contributions in the field.

Previous Recipients

The First Tomoh Masaki Award (2011)
Masashi Yanagisawa, MD PhD (Japan)

The Second Tomoh Masaki Award (2013)
Katsutoshi Goto, PhD (Japan)

The Third Tomoh Masaki Award (2015)
Martine Clozel, MD (France)

The Fourth Tomoh Masaki Award (2017)
David J. Webb, MD (United Kingdom)

Kohan_ Benigni

The Fifth Tomoh Masaki Award (2019)
Donald E. Kohan, MD PhD (U.S.A.) and Ariela Benigni, PhD (Italy)